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Termites and Concrete Slab Homes

Many home owners assume that a concrete slab and external brick walls prevents termites from accessing their home This is untrue Termites can gain access over the slab edge and can travel through brick mortar joints and weep holes in external brickwork They also gain access through cracks in the slab and slab penetrations such as plumbing and electrical wiring Often homes built on concrete... Keep Reading

Does my House have Termites?

Research developed by the CSIRO rates Sydney as the second highest risk category for termite attack in Australia second only to the tropical regions in the far North This means that every property in Sydney is at high risk of termite attack. There are several hundred species of termites in Australia The species that causes the most damage to Sydney homes are the group known as... Keep Reading


Termite damage in NSW homes has been estimated to exist in at least one in five homes and approximately thirty percent of homes in Sydney have had some form of Termite activity The CSIRO has rated Sydney as the second highest risk zone in Australia for Termite attack. Economically termites cause more damage to timber structures than fire flood storm and any other natural disaster put... Keep Reading