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What is Asbestos? Where is it likely to be found within a house?

There are basically two types of asbestos materials used in construction Friable and bonded Friable asbestos is the most dangerous and is usually found in thermal insulation and pipe lagging type of insulation and is not commonly found in domestic... Keep Reading

Drainage problems

Why does that downstairs room always smell damp and what s causing those stains on the walls? Split level buildings and homes with basement rooms or lower storey additions often suffer from ongoing damp related problems due to poor building... Keep Reading

Home Warranty Inspection Agreement

For information on Owner Builder Inspections or Home Warranty Inspections enquire today with our office on Home Owners Owner Builder Warranty Inspection Agreement To AS - Inspection of Buildings General Requirements And Section of the NSW Home Building Act Important... Keep Reading

Terms used to describe types of defects

DAMAGE The building material or item has deteriorated or is not fit for it s designed purpose DISTORTION WARPING TWISTING The item has moved out of shape or has moved from it s intended position and no longer fulfills it... Keep Reading

Building and Pest Report Terminology and Definitions

Terms used in the Conclusion of our Building Reports - Overall Condition of the Property LOW The frequency or magnitude of major minor defects is considered to be less than expected for a wellmaintained building of similar type and age... Keep Reading

Lyctus borer (powder post beetle)

These borers only attack the sapwood of certain susceptible species of hardwood timber Since it is a requirement that structural timbers contain no more than Lyctus susceptible sapwood these borers are not normally associated with structural damage Replacement of affected... Keep Reading

Timber Pest Inspection Agreement

For information on pre-purchase pest inspections enquire today with our office on nbsp AS - Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection To avoid any misunderstanding as to the type of inspection We will carry out and as to the scope of the... Keep Reading

Building Inspection Agreement

For information on pre-purchase building inspections enquire today with our office on nbsp Inspection amp Report The inspection will be of the Building Elements as outlined in Appendix C of AS - except for Strata title properties where the inspection... Keep Reading

Building and Pest Inspection – Subfloor

Another reason to get a building and pest inspection Sub-floors within houses provide a wealth of information which is useful to prospective buyers The sub-floor can reveal any moisture related problems such as leaking wet areas bathrooms kitchens laundries site... Keep Reading

Building and Pest Inspection – another item we assess is the Location of Garden Beds

During a Building and Pest Inspection we assess the location of garden beds relative to the property Garden beds are not recommended against the side of buildings Excessive watering can cause a range of moisture related problems If gardens are... Keep Reading