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Ten Questions to Ask Yourself – After the Inspection

After reading your building report, here are some important questions to ask yourself, before deciding to purchase the property:

  1. Does the property suit your needs, now you know more about it?
  2. Are you prepared to follow the recommendations in this report for further investigation?
  3. Are you prepared to undertake rectification work?
  4. Should you adjust your offer on the purchase price to account for these costs?
  5. Is acquiring this particular property more important than its defects – in the long term?
  6. Is it reasonable (and safe) to consider living at the property in its present condition?
  7. Can you afford to undertake the necessary rectification work?
  8. Would you be better off waiting for another more suitable property?
  9. Will the next property in your price range be in better condition?
  10. Is the property in average or better condition than a property of similar age? (see Conclusion in your Report)