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Lyctus borer (powder post beetle)

These borers only attack the sapwood of certain susceptible species of hardwood timber. Since it is a requirement that structural timbers contain no more than 25% Lyctus susceptible sapwood, these borers are not normally associated with structural damage. Replacement of affected timbers is not recommended and treatment is not approved. Where decorative timbers are affected the emergence holes may be considered unsightly in which case timber replacement is the only option. Powder post beetles mostly attack during the first 6-12 months of service life of timber. As only the sapwood is destroyed, larger dimensional timbers (such as rafters, bearers and joists) in a house are seldom weakened significantly to cause collapse. In small dimensional timbers (such as tiling and ceiling battens) the sapwood may be extensive, and its destruction may result in collapse. Replacement of these timbers is the only option available. Here we have another vital reason to have a Pest and Building Inspection carried out on Sydney homes.