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Multiple Concept Design Pack

Service 4: Multiple Design Options Pack –  from $2,500

We all like having choices – This service is about considering your design options and having several different original designs prepared at an affordable price.

Service 4 Includes:

  • An on-site consultation with a qualified Architect
  • Site appraisal & basic building measure up
  • Simple design brief including a discussion of your accommodation requirements or project ideas – Including up to 3 different options.
  • Basic analysis of site constraints, Council codes and state SEPP analysis
  • Plan preparation of existing dwelling
  • Plan preparation for up to three design options. These might be variations in: planning options, building form options, concept or approach to site /existing house. Plans prepared include: Floor plan, Elevations and 3D perspective drawings or ‘life like’ colour concept sketches of the development exterior.
  • Report document prepared by Architect – Summary of requirements with scope, basic controls and cost guides.

Why use this service?

This service gives you design options and a set of drawings for each design (where applicable). These drawings can be used for a number of purposes such as:

Consider different designs

Design is an organic process that requires the evolution of ideas. By looking at different and original design options you can decide which methodology best suits your needs, your site constraints and your budget. This should be done as early in the design process as possible to avoid waste. It will give you time to consider your options and make an informed decision about which design you like and which path to follow.

Meeting with council

To gauge their response to your proposal and the likelihood of gaining council development approval. This is a very important consideration for large, controversial or more complex renovations and developments. When proposing a development local council will not provide any feedback on the proposal without sighting architecturally prepared drawings. This service lets council know what you are proposing and can save significant amounts of time and money spent on designs that council has no intention of approving.

Understanding the Design –‘big picture stuff’

Architectural Design is a complex process that relies on drawings to convey an idea. A black and white two dimensional floor plan can be difficult to clearly visualise and a coloured three dimensional picture of your development is the best way to understand the design – ‘big picture’ perspective drawing of the building exterior

Getting a more accurate cost of works

The more detailed the drawings and design intention the more accurately the project cost can be calculated. Detailed pricing is usually done by Builders that are interested in getting the job and the more information provided the better.

Finding an Architect

By this stage you should know if you want to proceed with your Architect. If not, no harm done. You can use the drawings to easily find another Architect and save money on the cost of the commission.

Finding a Builder

Finding the right Builder for your project can be difficult. Builders like detail and need this information to know what the project entails and if they want the job. Depending on the project, engaging a Builder early in the design process can assist with a number of technical and practical considerations and they can help you save money by considering different construction methods and materials. After all they will be the ones to take the project from drawing to reality

Affordable and easy

Architectural services can seem expensive or inaccessible for most people and knowing how and where to start the ball rolling for your building project is daunting. Generally speaking you will need to commit to an Architect before receiving any design feedback and there is nowhere to go for project feasibility or preliminary design ideas with ‘no strings attached’.

No strings attached

Sydney PrePurchase can help you establish the feasibility of your project and give you design ideas with no obligation of continued service. If you decide to proceed further with your project you can independently engage the Architect for more detailed design, other design options, the preparation of a Council development application or a full project management service.