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Building & Pest Inspection with Thermal Camera

A Thermal camera inspection is not a standalone service and is carried out during our Combined Building & Pest inspection service

What is a Thermal Inspection?

Thermography is a powerful diagnostic tool that is used across a wide range of industrial applications from aerospace to waste management. The use of thermal imaging or thermography has increased in popularity in the building inspection industry in recent years with improvements in camera technology.

A thermal camera is a specialised camera that operates on the invisible infra-red light spectrum and is able to detect minute differences in temperature.

During a Building Inspection a thermal camera can be used as a complementary non-destructive inspection tool during a Building & Pest Inspection. Using thermography the inspector is able to detect thermal anomalies inside the building in elements such as walls, floors and ceilings. These anomalies can indicate a range of building defects and concealed termite activity.


Why should I get a Thermal Inspection?

Thermal imaging is a non-destructive diagnostic tool that can be used in conjunction with a standard building and pest inspection to help in the identification of a range of building defects such as:

  • Concealed termite infestations, termite mudding and sub-nests, structural termite damage or conditions conducive to termite attack.
  • Leaks and water penetration issues such as leaking bathrooms, leaking roofs or balcony membranes, water penetration around doors and windows, gutters and downpipes and rising damp.
  • Damp areas inside the house which are conducive to mould and mildew.
  • Possible detection of concealed structural damage.

The Truth about Thermal Imaging in Building Inspections

It is important to understand that thermography is not a ‘crystal ball’ and is not a stand-alone tool used for the detection of termites. A thermal camera does not allow our inspectors to ‘see inside walls’. Thermography is not part of the Australian Standard and as such is not required to comply with ‘best practice’ for building and pest inspections.

A thermal camera is a powerful diagnostic tool that must be used in conjunction with traditional visual and non-destructive inspection procedures such as thorough visual analysis, moisture testing, tapping, probing etc. A thermal camera must be used by an experienced building consultant and/or timber pest inspector as there is no substitute for the experience and skill of the inspector. Thermography is an important tool that can assist in detecting hidden issues and can provide a more complete picture of the overall health of the building.

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