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Building Consultancy Services

Expert Witness

Building disputes are common and the preparation of a detailed technical report by an independent building expert can be required if the dispute is to be escalated into a legal proceedings involving mediation arbitration or a court hearing A Sydney... Keep Reading

Estimating Report

Our building consultants can prepare a cost estimate report on any renovation building or repair work Pre-purchase building reports should not contain cost estimates for the rectification of defects found during a pre-purchase building inspection for several reasons The Australian... Keep Reading

Dilapidation Report

A dilapidation report is basically a snapshot or photographically documented record of the condition of existing dwellings that are adjacent to proposed building works Excavation and heavy earthworks can cause movement or ground subsidence which can damage neighbouring houses causing... Keep Reading

Structural Engineer Report

Structural Engineer s Report Role of an Engineer Structural Engineers play a bigger role in the construction of a house or renovation than you might realise When a building is constructed or renovated all of the major structural elements of... Keep Reading

Special Purpose Inspection / Technical Reports

A Technical report is a special purpose report detailing specific defects within a property and include a description of the defect the likely causes and recommendations on an appropriate course of action to rectify these issues Technical reports may include... Keep Reading

Owner Builder / Home Warranty Inspection

A Home Warranty Inspection or Owner Builder Inspection is carried out as a final check of works completed by an owner builder as a requirement of home warranty insurance cover The inspection is to ensure there are no incomplete works... Keep Reading