Building and Pest Inspection – Subfloor

The Subfloor areas can indicate moisture, ventilation or pest issues.

As an inspector there times when you have a silent chuckle, like when you find a car jack supporting the stairs!

Another reason to get a building and pest inspection…. Sub-floors within houses provide a wealth of information which is useful to prospective buyers. The sub-floor can reveal any moisture related problems such as leaking wet areas (bathrooms, kitchens, laundries), site drainage issues, lack of adequate structural support or subsiding piers/footings, ventilation issues as well as evidence of termite entry, wood rot and Asbestos. The subfloor is where much of the plumbing and electrical services can be found. Inspecting the subfloor usually reveals the true state of a house with regard to moisture, and it is crucial this area is thoroughly inspected. During a Building and Pest Inspection we thoroughly inspect and assess the subfloor. You never know what we will come across in the subfloor. A building and pest inspection in Neutral Bay revealed a car jack supporting the stair case. No worries mate, but what happens if you get a flat tyre?

Building and Pest Inspection – Subfloo