Structural Engineer Report

A Structural Engineers will inspect and certify all major structural elements, including roofs, walls, floors, concrete elements, decks, balconies, carports, and retaining walls.

Role of an Engineer

Structural Engineers play a bigger role in the construction of a house or renovation than you might realise. When a building is constructed or renovated, all of the major structural elements of the building are designed and certified by a consulting structural engineer. This includes the roof, wall and floor systems, concrete elements, decks, balconies, carports, retaining walls etc.

It is important to understand that Building Inspectors are Licensed Builders not structural engineers. If, during a pre-purchase Building Inspection a major fault (such as large cracking) is detected with a structural element then the inspector must recommend further investigation by a qualified structural engineer. This is a requirement of the Australian Standard for building inspections.

An engineer will visit the site, inspect the structural fault and prepare a detailed report that describes the fault, its cause and any remedy or repairs that may be required.

Alternatively if you are considering the removal of a load bearing wall, carrying out structural modifications or building a retaining wall over1m high a structural engineer is considered essential.

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Should I get a Structural Report?

It is strongly advised that you follow the recommendations in your report. Our building inspectors have the benefit of experience.

Cracking is commonplace in most properties, but cracking can get worse over time and this deterioration can be difficult to predict. Elevated external timber balconies and decks can become major safety hazards and have been responsible for numerous deaths in recent years due to complete collapse. These should be inspected by an engineer where damage is detected. As a rule of thumb if the cracking or structural damage is beyond what one would reasonably expect to see in a property of that type and age, or if the damage poses a potential safety hazard then a structural report is considered essential.

If in doubt talk to your inspector.

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