Dilapidation Report

A Pest Inspection, also known as a ‘Timber Pest Inspection,’ detects hidden structural issues caused by common pests like termites, wood borers, and wood decay fungi. In Sydney, approximately 1 in 5 properties have termite activity, making it the second highest risk zone in Australia.

A dilapidation report is basically a ‘snapshot’ or photographically documented record of the condition of existing dwellings that are adjacent to proposed building works.

Excavation and heavy earthworks can cause movement or ground subsidence which can damage neighbouring houses causing cracking or other structural damage. Accidental damage is also possible with the movement of materials and equipment.

By documenting the condition of the existing neighbouring dwellings prior to the commencement of any works, disputes can be avoided.

The builder, developer or project manager should have dilapidation reports carried out prior to commencement of any work to protect themselves against possible litigation.

Alternatively if you are aware that major building works or a government infrastructure project is commencing near your house and a dilapidation report has not been carried out, you should protect yourself and have one independently arranged as soon as possible.

A Sydney PrePurchase Building Consultant can provide professional dilapidation reports for home owners, builders, developers, solicitors and local council.

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