Building & Timber Pest Inspection –  2 Reports Combined in 1 Document

A Combined Building and Pest inspection is our most poular and comprehensive inspection service. It is a standard level of due dilligence and includes both building defects and timber pests such as termites or wood decay. Your Solicitor, Conveyancer or Agent may recommend a ‘Pest & Building Report’.

Why get the Pest Inspection? Most homes contain timber elements in their construction and are at HIGH RISK of termite attack simply by being located in Sydney.

Are you concerned about the structural integrity of your property? Timber pests such as termites, wood decay fungi, and wood borers can cause extensive damage to your roof frames, wall and floor frames, decks, handrails, external steps, and timber retaining walls. Don’t wait until it’s too late – get a professional building inspection from licensed builders and accredited building consultants.

Our team will inspect all areas of your property, including hidden defects, concealed water damage, visually inspecting all internal and external areas as well as checking taps, toilets, doors and windows etc. By identifying timber pests and potential damage early, we can provide you with recommendations for remediation, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repair costs. Invest in the health of your property today – contact us to schedule a comprehensive building inspection.

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Comprehensive Building & Timber Pest Inspection for Your Peace of Mind

Our combined building and pest inspection leaves no stone unturned to ensure your property’s safety and security of the building elements into the future.  Our team has done this thousands of times and knows exactly what to look for and where to find it!

By identifying issues early, we provide repair or remediation recommendations, as well as recommendations for further investigation or which trades people or builders to contact take things further, (where relevant.) Saving you huge amounts of time and money in the long run. 

During a Building and Pest Inspection, the areas we check:
  • The Roof Exterior
  • The Roof Interior
  • The Building Exterior
  • The Building Interior
  • The Subfloor
  • The Site, landscaping, fences and drainage.
  • Outbuildings, such as a garages, granny flats or sheds (suject to quotation with second dwellings)

Protect Your Property with an SPP – Building and Pest Inspection

Our building and pest inspection can advise on subterranean termites, timber borers, and wood rot. We inspect for evidence of termite activity and damage, previous termite treatments, and timber damage to ensure your property remains structurally sound. We also identify potential safety hazards in timber structures and report on any conditions conducive to termite attack, wood decay and borers .

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The sooner the better…

When should Sydney buyers arrange a Building and Pest Inspection?

When you purchase a property via private treaty and exchange contracts there is usually a 5 day ‘cooling–off’ period. During this time, you have the option to cancel the contract or pull out of the deal. Many Sydney buyers arrange a Building and Pest inspection during the cooling off period. However, it is recommended that you arrange the inspection before you exchange contracts . As soon as you know you are interested in the property and plan to proceed. This gives you time to understand the building and in certain situations it may be appropriate to adjust the offer based on the report findings. Failure to procceed will normally cost you 0.25% of the purchase price, which equates to $2,500 on a $1M property.

A cooling–off period does not apply if you buy a property at auction or exchange contracts on the same day as the auction after it is passed in.

Sometimes the agent may request that you agree to a ’66W’. This waives your right to a cooling off period. In this case the inspection must be done before exchange on the property.

Often Sydney property vendors arrange Building Inspections and Pest inspections with our firm. We provide copies of these reports to prospective buyers at a discounted rate.

We strongly recommend that Sydney property buyers carry out a Combined Building and Pest Inspection to provide you with full insight into a property. We are available to carry out Building and Pest Inspections Sydney wide from Monday to Saturday.

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