Building Consultancy Services

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Building & Pest Inspection


A Combined Building and Pest inspection is our most comprehensive inspection service and is strongly recommended for Sydney properties as it covers both building defects and timber pests. You may not think timber pests are a problem in Sydney. Think again.

One in five homes in Sydney has had some form of termite damage.

Building Inspection

A Building Inspection is recommended to be carried out well before auction or before the five day cooling off period ends. It will give you a clear picture of what problems the property may have and may help with your negotiations. We carry out both prepurchase building inspections and presale (vendor) building inspections in all…

Pest Inspection

A Pest Inspection, also known as a ‘Timber Pest Inspection’ is recommended before purchasing a property to ensure that no hidden structural issues exist. Timber pests include termites, wood borers and wood decay fungi (wood rot). These timber pests are common in all properties and can undermine timber structures…

Pre-Sale / Vendor Inspection

In addition to pre-purchase property inspections, Sydney PrePurchase carries out Pre-Sale property inspections for vendors across Sydney. Pre-Sale Inspection reports (or Vendor reports) are very popular with vendors selling their homes by auction and private treaty. Arranging an inspection of your property prior to sale can be helpful in a number of ways: – Allows…

Building & Pest Inspection

with Thermal Camera

A Thermal camera inspection is not a standalone service and is carried out during our Combined Building & Pest inspection service What is a Thermal Inspection? Thermography is a powerful diagnostic tool that is used across a wide range of industrial applications from aerospace to waste management. The use of thermal imaging or thermography has…

Final / New Home Inspection

A ‘New home inspection’ or ‘Final Inspection’ is carried out when a property has been recently constructed or renovated. Properties suitable for a ‘New Home Inspection’ include new units, units bought off the plan, villas or townhouses in newly constructed developments, project homes in new estates, display homes, homes…

Stormwater / Sewer Camera Inspection

A Sydney PrePurchase licensed plumber and accredited building consultant will use a specialised CCTV drain camera to inspect the interior of the drainage pipes to assess their condition.

Pool Barrier Inspection

What is a Pool Barrier Inspection? The language can be confusing with many different names being used such as: Pool Barrier Inspection, Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate, Pool Safety Inspection, Pool Certification, Pool Fence Inspection or Swimming Pool Inspection. The law in NSW now requires any property with a swimming pool that is being leased or sold…