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Why get a Building & Pest Inspection?

Don't be fooled by new developments property styling or recent renovations Not all properties are equal and some of the worst defects can be hard to see or easy to conceal A pre-purchase Building and Timber Pest Inspection is vital to help you understand what problems a building may have before you buy it Imagine moving into your new home and discovering these scenarios The... Keep Reading

What is Asbestos? Where is it likely to be found within a house?

There are basically two types of asbestos materials used in construction Friable and bonded Friable asbestos is the most dangerous and is usually found in thermal insulation and pipe lagging type of insulation and is not commonly found in domestic buildings Bonded asbestos material however can be found in most domestic buildings constructed before the mid s Generally speaking all buildings built before the mid... Keep Reading


Why does that downstairs room always smell damp and what s causing those stains on the walls Split level buildings and homes with basement rooms or lower storey additions often suffer from ongoing damp related problems due to poor building design and a lack of site drainage The site topography slope of the site can direct stormwater toward the building and into the subfloor areas... Keep Reading

Home Warranty Inspection Agreement

For information on Owner Builder Inspections or Home Warranty Inspections enquire today with our office on Home Owners Owner Builder Warranty Inspection Agreement To AS - Inspection of Buildings General Requirements And Section of the NSW Home Building Act Important This is NOT a Pre Purchase Building Inspection Agreement TYPE OF PROPOSED INSPECTION ORDERED BY YOU Inspection amp Report The inspection will be of the... Keep Reading

Terms used to describe types of defects

DAMAGE The building material or item has deteriorated or is not fit for it s designed purpose DISTORTION WARPING TWISTING The item has moved out of shape or has moved from it s intended position and no longer fulfills it s intended purpose WATER PENETRATION DAMPNESS Moisture has gained access to parts of the building not designed to withstand moisture MATERIAL DETERIORATION The item is... Keep Reading