How much does it cost for a Building & Pest Inspection in Sydney?

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With Sydney PrePurchase Property Inspections the price for a Combined Building & Pest Inspection in 2024 is normally between $399-$449 including GST for a standard sized property in Sydney.  Add $50 for a Thermal Building & Pest Inspection (a Combined Building & Pest Inspection including Thermal Camera), as guide.

Larger, complex or multiple occupancy dwellings are quoted when booking. Despite our competitive rates, we offer the most experienced building consultants in Sydney. Our inspectors are always on time to inspection appointments. Our reports are emailed ‘next morning’ or same day service is available on request.

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It is interesting to note that the price for home and property inspections in Sydney has actually stayed roughly the same over the last 10-15 years, with the average cost around $500.  Due to a number of factors such as changing market conditions, the average cost is about the same or less now in 2024.

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New housing developments are popping up across Sydney. Being a good building consultant is not just about being able to find building defects. A good building inspector is a great communicator that can write complex technical reports and is able to explain issues in plain English and in context.

Our fees are modest, compared to the amount of money you could save by avoiding a property with expensive problems. A Building Inspection can include any particular concerns you may have.

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