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Termite damage in NSW homes has been estimated to exist in at least one in five homes and approximately thirty percent of homes in Sydney have had some form of Termite activity The CSIRO has rated Sydney as the second highest risk zone in Australia for Termite attack. Economically termites cause more damage to timber structures than fire flood storm and any other natural disaster put... Keep Reading

Timber Borers – What are they?

Wood Borers Wood borers are insects that live on timber. Most are related to beetles moths and wasps. Some species attack live trees some dead trees and some live on dead wood. Certain borers can have an adverse affect on the structural performance of timber in use in the construction of buildings. Timber Pest Inspectors are required to have a thorough knowledge of the various types of timber borers be... Keep Reading

Wood Decay – What’s the big problem?

Wood decay Wood rot or wood decay is the most common defect found in Sydney properties and is mostly underestimated by homebuyers property owners and property professionals. Wood decay causes significantly more damage in dollar value than termites and can have far reaching structural consequences particularly in external timber structures such as steps handrails and decks/verandahs. It is important for the homebuyer to have a clear picture of... Keep Reading

Five Tips to Buying the Right Property

The trick to buying the right property involves understanding the implication of the defects outlined in the Building and Pest report. Some things to consider are: 1 Avoid a building that has Defects that have far reaching consequences or are a systematic failure of the structure such as major drainage or stormwater issues that cause multiple other defects rising damp flooding mould and peeling paint etc In... Keep Reading

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself – After the Inspection

After reading your building report here are some important questions to ask yourself before deciding to purchase the property: Does the property suit your needs now you know more about it? Are you prepared to follow the recommendations in this report for further investigation? Are you prepared to undertake rectification work? Should you adjust your offer on the purchase price to account for these costs? Is acquiring this particular property... Keep Reading