Why should I get a Building & Pest Inspection? Because Knowledge is Power.

Why Get a Building and Pest Inspection done?

The cost of a building and pest inspection is relatively small, when compared to the value of the property, the buildings and the cost associated with major unforeseen building repairs. Information is power when buying, selling and negotiating. While ‘Pre-purchase inspections’ make up the majority of our inspection work, our clients are wide ranging and include: buyers, sellers, agents, owners, tenants, builders, developers, banks, government departments, insurance companies and so on.

A Pest & Building inspection is considered to be a standard level of due diligence when buying or selling a property in NSW. Your Solicitor or Conveyancer will usually recommend that you obtain a report as part of the property purchasing process. Some vendors provide a pre-sale or vendor report with the contract of sale when taking their property to market. This is a clever pre-emptive approach for people selling. The presale report should outline issues upfront, so all interested parties are on the same page.

However, when making large decisions, it is highly advisable to conduct one’s own due diligence and engage an independent building & pest inspector. You would be surprised at the difference between reports on the same property. We hear this all the time from clients!

building defects like leaking showers, water damage, asbestos and fire hazards

The Worst Defects are often Hidden from Sight…

If the property is going to Auction, the inspection should be done well in advance. If the property is private treaty then most people get an inspection done during their cooling off period.

The worst building issues are usually hidden. People selling property go to great lengths (and in some cases expense), to cover up or hide problems. Buildings have a natural tendency to deteriorate over time, this happens faster than you may think. Getting good trades people can be hard and all builders struggle with quality control.

Some properties are well built and well maintained, while others are so bad they are uninhabitable. Old buildings can be in good condition and new buildings can have major defects from day one.

How will you know for sure, if you don’t engage a professional to investigate the property for you.

Buyer Beware

All buildings have defects, however not all properties are equal and some properties should be avoided due to major problems.  

Major structural concerns such as cracks or subsidence, installation defects, workmanship issues, water  penetration such as leaking roofs, leaking showers, failed balcony membranes, termite damage and conditions conducive to termite attack, site drainage issues, external structures and outbuildings checked, retaining walls, strata concerns, building advice, cost estimates, free asbestos appraisals, free onsite consultations, full telephone support  – we do it all – right across Sydney metro and greater Sydney.

Our inspectors are ‘seasoned pros’ and can spot major issues from the front gate. We know what to look for and where to find it. 

If you consider that hidden site drainage problems or a major structural problem could easily cost you $30K-$50K to rectify. Compared to the cost of a Building & Pest Inspection, It will be the best $500 you ever spend!!

We know this because our customers tell us!

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