Gutters & Downpipes are Part of the Roof Plumbing System for Roofs on all kinds of Buildings

Gutters and Downpipes are more Important than most people realise, Faulty roof plumbing = Water related problems.

Blocked gutters and/or downpipes can backflood into eaves and then into walls, causing moisture related problems such as wood decay or material damage and creating conditions conducive to termite attack. Roof plumbing and stormwater drainage issues are some of the most common problems we find in homes across Sydney.

The gutters and downpipes may be brand new, but are the stormwater lines below ground level clear and free flowing? This means between the downpipe connection and the main council stormwater service.

It is very common for older style properties to have problems with the stormwater pipes below ground. This is because they are usually terracotta pipes (rather than PVC) and can become damaged by trees and roots or ground movement.

Downpipes not connected to the stormwater system cause damp conditions around the base of the building which may cause instability in supporting footings and brick work, resulting in building settlement. Dripping downpies cause decay damage to timber elements such as decks and pergolas and can attract termites.

gutters, downpipes and stormwater services are inspected - image gallery

During building inspections, we inspect and report on the ‘general condition of the roof plumbing’ and any conditions that may adversly affect the buildings, provided they are evident. Please note we are not licensed plumbers and can only make general comments about the stormwater or any other building services.

All reports include photographs.