Stormwater / Sewer Camera Inspection

Our licensed plumber and accredited building consultant in Sydney utilize a specialized CCTV drain camera to assess the condition of interior drainage pipes during a PrePurchase inspection.

What is drainage?

The term ‘drainage’ is a general term that refers to the sewer and stormwater plumbing services at your property. The sewer pipes carry black and grey waste (toilet, shower, sinks etc) from the house to the sewer main often located in the rear yard or near the property boundaries. The stormwater pipes carry rainwater from the gutters and downpipes as well as any surface drains located on site. The stormwater system may either discharge into the street which then connects to the municipal stormwater system or it may be detained on site in underground detention tanks or retained in rainwater storage tanks for later use.

What is a Drainage Camera Inspection or CCTV Survey and who carries it out?

A Sydney PrePurchase licensed plumber and accredited building consultant will use a specialised CCTV drain camera to inspect the interior of the drainage pipes to assess their condition.

Common problems found during a Drainage Camera Inspection:

  • Cracked or collapsed terracotta sewer or stormwater lines
  • Blocked drains by foreign bodies, grease or hair
  • Installation defects and poor workmanship
  • Tree root intrusion into terracotta or PVC drainage lines
  • Corroded and leaky steel drainage lines
  • Leaking joints
  • Ground subsidence or sagging lines

Older style properties have terracotta pipes which are brittle and can be easily damaged by tree roots or ground movement. Terracotta sewer and stormwater lines can crack, collapse or become ‘choked’ with fine tree roots or sediment. Older style properties commonly have stormwater pipes that are connected to the sewer system. This puts additional pressure on the municipal sewage treatment plant and is now illegal.

Many properties new and old have insufficient stormwater services or do not have a stormwater system at all. This can create a range of damp related problems such as flooding, damp conditions around the base of the building, contribute to rising damp or damp penetration issues, accelerate material deterioration in the building elements such as rot and decay, cause ground subsidence and cracking and create damp conditions conducive to termite attack.

Newer properties, renovations and developments often have installation defects or problems with workmanship as well as inadequate site / surface drainage.

Blocked drains are a common issue in all types of properties and can be caused by foreign objects, grease or hair build up, tree root intrusion, ground subsidence, damage or installation defects. Leaking joints and corrosion are other common problems with drainage services in Sydney properties.

Why should I get a Drainage Camera Inspection?

High cost of repairs or replacement

No access to pipes deep under-ground or below building or driveways

Health & amenity of occupants

Health & Amenity:

Adequate sewer and stormwater drainage services are vital for the health and amenity of the occupants as well as the longevity of the building and its associated elements.

No access:

Drainage pipes are usually installed at the time of construction and are located several meters underground or below buildings and concrete driveways making them inaccessible without the use of specialised camera equipment such as drainage inspection cameras or a CCTV survey.

High cost of repairs:

Repairs or replacement of sewer or stormwater services can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars due to the need for large scale excavations and disturbance of building elements such as landscaping, driveways, concrete or timber floors etc. This work is labour intensive and can be very expensive.

In a pre-purchase situation it is important to know if the sewer system is in good shape or if it will require replacement in the first year.

Where a development or renovation is proposed for the property it is vital to know if a new stormwater system will be required as part of a proposed Development or house renovation. The unforseen costs of a stormwater detention system can make some proposed developments financially unviable easily adding $20k or more to the cost of works.


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