Final / New Home Inspection

It has a few different names – Pre-Settlement Inspection, Final or Handover Inspection, Builder’s Inspection or New Home Defect Report. Includes New buildings, new units, units bought off the plan, villas or townhouses in newly constructed developments, project homes in new estates, display homes, homes commissioned for construction.

What is a New Home Inspection?

A ‘New home inspection’ or ‘Final Inspection’ is carried out when a property has been recently completed – as new.

Why should I get a New Home inspection?

New properties can contain significant problems, poor workmanship and safety hazards. All properties have minor defects and incomplete items of work at completion. These issues need to be identified and documented before purchase, before handover or prior to the builder receiving final payments. The builder can then rectify the issues before you move in or you may decide to not proceed with the sale depending on the nature of the defects and the Builder’s attitude towards rectification.

In addition to identifying defects, poor workmanship and incomplete items our building consultants will also recommend a list of documentation, approvals and certificates that should be obtained from the builder or owner prior to purchase or handover.

Our Building Inspectors

Sydney PrePurchase Building Inspectors are accredited Building Consultants, Licensed Builders and fully insured through Pacific International for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance with a minimum of 15 years building experience.

Our building inspectors and pest inspectors have completed thousands of inspections.

The inspections and reports comply with the  relevant Australian Standards, AS 4349.0, AS 4349.1 and AS 4349.3.

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