Pool Barrier Inspection

What is a Pool Barrier Inspection?

The language can be confusing with many different names being used such as:

Pool Barrier Inspection, Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate, Pool Safety Inspection, Pool Certification, Pool Fence Inspection or Swimming Pool Inspection.

pool safety check

Drowning is one of the major causes of death for children under 5

The law in NSW now requires any property with a swimming pool that is being leased or sold must have a Pool Barrier Compliance Certificate. To obtain a certificate of compliance the barrier must comply with a range of standards and regulations. This is not a choice, it’s the law.

Where a property is being sold and the pool barrier is found to not comply with the regulations, then a Certificate of Non-Compliance can be issued so that the sale of the property can still proceed. Where a Certificate of Non-Compliance is issued, local council is notified and the new owner of the property may be responsible for making the pool barrier compliant. This can cost thousands of dollars in some cases as significant changes may need to be made to fences, landscaping, doors and windows etc.

A Sydney Pre-Purchase Government Accredited Certifier can inspect your pool barrier and ensure that is designed, constructed, installed and maintained in accordance the current State laws and Australian Standards.

Once the pool has been inspected and registered a Certificate of Compliance can be issued instantly by us. This certificate can be included with the contract of sale or tenancy agreement when selling or leasing the property.

We can highlight and advise on any areas of non-compliance or potential safety concerns.

We can provide general building advice regarding the pool and its surrounding fences, boundary fences and landscaping elements and how to best make these areas comply with the regulations.

It is important to understand that Local council has a mandate to carry out a pool inspection program and has powers to enforce compliance and issue fines.


Why Get a Pool Safety Inspection?

  • Drowning is one of the major causes of death for children under the age of 5.
  • All pool owners have a duty of care to ensure their pool is compliant and safe.
  • After the 29th April 2016 it will be compulsory for all residential, commercial and strata properties to provide a Pool Barrier Compliance Certificate prior to selling or leasing.



When to Get a Pool Safety Inspection?

  • When selling or leasing a residential property – this will be mandatory May 2016.
  • Any existing residential pool should have one carried out to be sure the pool is compliant.
  • Where a property has children living or visiting – this is critical.
  • All tourist and visitor premises and multiple occupancy developments must have a current compliance certificate.
  • An inspection can be carried out as a result of a complaint from a concerned neighbour or member of the community.
  • An inspection can be randomly conducted by local council.


Swimming Pool Register

All pools are required to be registered on the NSW Pool Register. This register has been set up to help reduce accidental drownings. A fine can be issued for not registering a pool. A “Certificate of Compliance” cannot be issued if the pool is not registered. Registration can be done at: www.swimming poolregister.nsw.gov.au